The Warfighter Made B.O.L.T. Program

Warfighter Made is doing more amazing things and has started the B.O.L.T. program (Building Offroad Leaders of Tomorrow). I am stoked to get to be a part of it, volunteering as a driving instructor! This program is for children of veterans ages 6 to 12 and is structured to teach them the fundamentals in UTV safety, good stewardship on the trails, and low environmental impact to help keep our OHV parks open. It is a 12 week program that happens one night a week throughout the summer.

Tonight we started with a lesson on self discipline and then moved to actual seat time in a Polaris RZR170. I barely fit in the car, but it was awesome to climb in and have the kids sit in the passenger seat while I showed them how the car works! Then, I moved to the passenger seat and the kids got to apply what we taught them. I am so happy to be working with these kids! I started my racing career in a RZR170, and it is so cool to come full circle and get to teach the next generation of off-roaders!

Thank you so much to Warfighter Made for letting me help out with this amazing program! I am already looking forward to next week!

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