Two Cars, One Platform

Sims188 Racing currently runs two Polaris RZR RS1 cars very comparably equipped. Standardizing our platform helps ensure our cars are ready to win on race day!

Stock Car (Black Plate)

2019 Polaris RZR RS1

Production Car (Red Plate)

2019 Polaris RZR RS1

Chassis / Suspension

  • Method Race Wheels- 14×7 401 UTV Beadlocks
  • GBC Dirt Commander 29x9x14 Tires
  • Tireblocks Tire Blocks
  • Elka Stage 5 Shocks Rear- 3.0, Front- 2.5
  • Roll Design Shock Tuning
  • SuperATV Rhino 2.0 Axles
  • Crown Performance Brake Lines
  • JAMAR Performance Brakes and Radius Rods
  • Candle Motorsports Transmissions
  • Bikeman Performance Cyclone Billet Aluminum Primary Clutch Covers and Performance Clutching
  • Oceanside Driveline Custom Propshafts
  • Gates G-Force Redline CVT Belts
  • PRP Flat- Suede Steering Wheels
  • Dirt Rider Designs Custom Graphics/Wraps
  • Holz Sway Bars, Front +2 A-Arms, Rear Trailing Arms


  • Crow Enterprizes 3” Duck Bill Latch & Link 5-way Restraint- clip mount, Dog Bone Harness- 3-2 taper for head/neck devices
  • Crow Enterprizes Driving Suit, Shoes, and Gloves
  • PRP Alpha Composite Seats
  • PRP Custom Window Nets
  • GSP Nerf Bars
  • Baja Designs S1 Amber LED Tail Lights
  • Rugged Radios MAC 3.2 Extreme Air Pumper Systems and Race Communications
  • Factory UTV RS1 Skid Plates
  • Holz Cage, Doors, Roof and Bumpers


  • Tuning by Benchmark Performance
  • Maxima Racing Oils
  • Energy Coil Racing- Energy Coil Plug & Play System and ECR Powersports Battery

Vehicle History

2019-2020 Race Seasons


“My dad told me if I got straight A’s my last semester of 8th grade, he’d get me an RS1. I worked so hard and I did it! I was beyond stoked when my parents surprised me with this car! It’s like nothing I’ve ever raced before. I love the RS1 platform so much, we now have two. This car has a new wrap and has become my current ‘red plate’ production car.” – Casey Sims
33 – Races
24 – Podiums
12 – Wins

2018-2019 Race Seasons

RZR XP 1000

“I loved this car because of how wide it was and how the suspension handled. The ride, stability, and extra power was so far ahead of anything I had driven before. This car was super quick off the line.” – Casey Sims

18 – Races
13 – Podiums
13 – Wins

2017-2018 Race Seasons

RZR 800

“It took me a minute to get used to this car because it was so much bigger, had a lot more power than my previous cars, and 4-wheel drive. Once I got the hang of it, I loved this car because I felt like I was in a cockpit. This car was and is still one of a kind.”
– Casey Sims

39 – Races
36 – Podiums
21 – Wins

2016 Race Season

RZR 170 “Center Seat”

“My center seat 170 was one of my most favorite cars. It was my first center seat car and the first time I drove it, I won the UTV World Championship. It was awesome!” – Casey Sims

16 – Races
15 – Podiums
13 – Wins

2015-2016 Race Seasons

RZR 170

“I remember being so excited to get my first race car and start racing! I won my first race ever in this car and I was hooked!”
– Casey Sims

29 – Races
29 – Podiums
18 – Wins