2021 WORCS Round 2 Peoria, AZ

WORCS round 2 is in the books!  My team and I headed to Canyon Motocross early Friday morning.  We arrived with just an hour to spare before heading to practice.  I unloaded my car, got checked in, and ran three practice laps.  I got a good feel for the track and my car was running great!

On Saturday morning, I was up and at the track early to radio for one of the RZR170 racers I coach.  He ran a great race and crossed the finish line in 1st place in the SXS Y 250 STK 9-12 class!  Then, I headed back to my pit to get my car washed up and to do some final prep for my race on Sunday.  I went to the driver’s meeting and then radioed for another RZR170 racer in the SXS Y 250 PROD class.  He also ran an awesome race and finished in 2nd place!  Then I made sure my car was ready to go before closing up for the night.

I headed back to the track on Sunday morning.  I watched a few of the races and got ready to head to the line.  The SXS Pro Stock class had 14 cars and was the last race of the day.  When it was time, I lined up in row three.  The first row took off, then one minute later, row two left the line.  One more minute, and the flag flew for my row.  I hit the gas and got the hole shot heading out on to the course!  It was a 55 minute race, so I settled in and focused.  The first lap went great and as I came through the timing chute, I was running in P2.  My car was moving, and I felt like I was running a really good pace.  I kept going and as I headed into lap 2, I was in P3.  I picked up my pace a little and moved back into P2, then into P1 during laps 3 and 4!  Unfortunately, during lap 5, I lost my 4-wheel drive, but I continued on as fast as I could.  Then, I came around a slick corner and my wheels grabbed, throwing the car up on two wheels.  I over corrected and set the car back down, but it was too much and threw the car over sending me into a roll, eventually landing on my side.  A few spectators were kind enough to flip me back on my wheels and I took off again.  I had lost valuable time and several positions, but I was going to do everything I could to get back in the race.  The last three laps were tough without 4-wheel drive and I was happy to come across the finish line in 7th place.

We’re already prepping the car for round 3 in Lake Havasu in a few weeks.  I am eager to get back in the driver’s seat and do everything I can to put my car on the box!

Thanks so much to all of these amazing companies and people that support my program: Polaris RZR, GBC Motorsports, Benchmark Performance, Candle Motorsports, Method Race Wheels, Crow Enterprizes, Elka Suspension, Super ATV, Roll Design, Energy Coil Racing, Factory UTV, Baja Designs, PRP Seats, Rugged Radios, Maxima Racing Oils, Tireblocks, JAMAR Performance, Race Team Sites, Crown Performance Products, Got Sand Performance, Oceanside Driveline, HOK9, Vision Canopy, Perrault Motorsports, Dirt Rider Designs, and my parents who make this possible for me!  Thanks to WORCS for putting on the series and Harlen Foley for the awesome pictures!  You can check out the Sims188 Racing team on Instagram @csims188, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/csims188/, or on my website at www.sims188racing.com.

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